BLACK S-20 خلفية ورق ر.س180.00
طاولة كمبيوتر مع ذراع ر.س400.00

B-4W رافعه خلفيات

سلاسل رفع خلفيات الورق يحمل 4 خلفيات

متوفر في المخزون



متوفر في المخزون

  • System is ideal and economical for smaller studios where space conservation, safety and convenience are part of the studio design
  • Systems are strong yet lightweight and are easily mounted on your studio wall
  • Includes gears and chains for three rolls and mounting bracket
  • A counter balanced chain and gear instrument makes raising and lowering your backgrounds quick and easy
  • Very easy to install
  • Tri-fold hook: 1 pair
  • Chain: 4pcs
  • Expand bar: 4 pairs


foto tech

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