Flash Drive SanDisk 32GB usb 2.0 يو اس بي ر.س17.39
شاحن HD-600 ر.س150.00

شاحن YN750C

شاحن بطارية سوني  دبل

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متوفر في المخزون


Yongnuo yn750 C Dual Battery Charger for Sony NP-F570 NP-F770 NP-F970 npf975 970
+ WINGONEER diffuser
1, adopts ti charge management chip, precise charge current control, security charging process and efficiency, make your battery life longer.
2, The Support of Two batteries at the same time, save the time of loading effectively fast charging.
3, support the switch, choose according to your power adapter fast charging fast or slow charging, charging your power adapter below 20 watts of power, it is recommended to use slow charge.
4, Use level 4 charge indicator design, battery charging process showed that the most intuitive.
5, It is recommended that you use a permanent LED external video light DC power adapter, Applicable models have 8 V5 A power adapter and 19 V5 A power adapter.
Package includes:
1 x yn750 C Dual Battery Charger
1 x WINGONEER diffuser



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