M11-081 موصل ر.س80.50 شامل 15% الضريبة المضافة
حامل عاكس RBJ-130 ر.س218.50 شامل 15% الضريبة المضافة

ديب اوكتا -90

اوكتا عميقة مقاس ٩٠ سهله التركيب مثل الامبريلا مع قريد

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ر.س400.00 شامل 15% الضريبة المضافة

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  • Professional reflective fabric with precise color temperature is tailored elaborately, hard skeleton provides enough support for softbox.
  • Two layers of light soft cloth can make light more even, gentle, exquisite, suitable for many kinds of studio flash shooting.
  • Silvery white umbralla skeleton design, convenient to fold and install, portable, easy to carry.
  • With standard size Bowens mount, this high quality softbox fits right in any studio.
  • Widely used, the octagon umbrella softbox makes it desirable for fashion photography, portraits and medium to large sized product shots
  • Octagonal Easy-open Umbrella Softbox 90 cm
  • Package List:
    1 * Softbox 90cm
    1 * Umbrella rail bracket (Bowens Mount)
    2 * Soft cloth
    1 * Carrying bag
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