Studio Gray 12 خلفية ورق ر.س320.00
باراندور مع فلاتر DII-200 ر.س120.00

اضاءة ليد مستمرة FB800G

متوفر في المخزون



متوفر في المخزون

  • This is a new design 80W Bi-color LED Spotlight. It comes with small volume, fuselage passive cooling system(no fan), with stepless dimming function, can be installed Bowin speed ring to connect a softbox.
  • You can also use v-lock battery , car battery as a power source when you using it outside. It is very flexible and convenient.
  • Bi color 80W LED Light with each Filter(3200K). No sound, no fan.
  • Automatic dimming function, suitable for different levels of light situations; Bowen S-Type docking all kinds of softboxes.
  • Light Dimension 260(L)*180(W)*260(H),


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