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S-2.1 حامل اضاءة ر.س80.50 شامل 15% الضريبة المضافة

اضاءة ليد مستمرة فوسوتو FT450

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Voltage: 110V/220V
Light source power: 40W
Light Source Type: LED lamp head
Specification: Plug
Color temperature: 3000-5500K
Color Rendering Index: RA>90
Adapter: 18V/3A 54W
Luminous Flux: 2500Lm
Number of lamp beads: 224
Lamp Bead Power: 0.5W
Product Material: aluminum alloy, ABS
Adjustable light: Adjustable
color adjustable: Adjustable

power supply: Adjustable
brightness: Adjustable

Adjustment range: Stepless adjustment, Fully flexible LED luminary with power, dimming, and color temperature adjustability

USB fast-charging port for charging phone/tablet


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