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اضاءة ليد لايت ابيض واصفر واحمر واخضر وازرق وموف دايم وفلاش وبسرعات مختلفه وتحكم كامل بالقوه

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1.LIGHT CHAMELEON. There are RGB, Bi-color soft light and hard light three modes are available, colors can be displayed in circulation,multiple scintillation modes and frequencies,the RGB equivalent to 360 colors when cycling.

2.MULTIPLE USAGES.Nanguang RGB strip light is particularly suitable for filling light,rendering atmosphere,creative photography video shooting, indoor and outdoor shooting, even it can be used to decorate your world in holiday.

3.PRACTICAL AND PORTABLE. A variety of power supplies, it can be powered by adapter, also can be powered by SONY NP-F series battery.

4.DIMMABLE AND COMBINATIVE. With a wide stepless dimming from 0%-100%, adjusting from 3200K-5600K, even the RGB light,can be controlled by yourself.

                                                                                            Technical data :

Light Source: 176pcs LED

Total Power: 18W

Input Voltage: 110-240V

CRI (Color Rendering Index):95


Hard light   5600K–1290 lm  3200K–1133 lm

Soft light   5600K–532 lm  3200K–532 lm

Red light–443lm    Green light–820lm    Blue light–200lm
Color Temperature: 3200K-5600K & RGB
Dimming range: 0%-100%

 1 x RGB Strip Light

 1 x Adapter
1 x Tripod head

1 x Hand rope

1 x Instruction

1 x Splicer

1 x Carrying bag



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