Profoto Extension Cable for B2 Air TTL Off-Camera Flash كيبل توصيل ر.س908.50 شامل 15% الضريبة المضافة
HS-20M موصل ر.س17.25 شامل 15% الضريبة المضافة

BH-S4F8M موصل

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ر.س11.50 شامل 15% الضريبة المضافة

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The Linkstar BH-S4F8M-5 ¼” Female to 3/8” Male Thread Adapter transforms your ¼” male screw thread to a 3/8” male screw thread. The BH-S4F8M-5 can be used, for example, to mount an accessory with a 3/8” female thread onto a universal light stand with


just a flash

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