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بطارية جنبي hd 610 battery ر.س500.00

VT3500 ترايبود

متوفر في المخزون



متوفر في المخزون

  • The special quick release security button provides that bit of extra protection from accidental release whilst still allowing the quick release plate to slide backwards and forwards.
  • Shoot smooth panning shots and create the perfect panoramas with ease thanks to the fluid head system for precise image alignment.
  • Spirit level integrated into the head to ensure the that all images taken using this tripod will be perfectly horizontal.
  • Spiked and rubber feet allow the tripod to be setup in a multitude of different locations without compromising the tripod’s stability. Whether your shooting the amazing scenery on secluded mountain trail or on a studio set the tripod will remain stable enough to capture that perfect shot.
  • Includes pan handle for smooth panning and mid-level spreader for added support and stability
Vt-3500 Tripod
Vt-3530 Fluidhead


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