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Godox X2T-C تريقر

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Sku:Godox X2T-C

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The wireless trigger, which operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency can fire multiple flash units within 32 channels and 99 ID settings, so there is no interference from nearby systems.
You can control flash functions such as the flash mode, power output, the modeling light, high speed sync of 1/8000 sec, and the audible beep of Godox flashes while operating the flash units within a wireless range up to 328′.
The integrated scan setting function can help you automatically locate an ID channel with the least interference.
All the settings are easily viewed on the trigger’s large LCD display, which can be backlit along with the group and function buttons.
A USB Type-C port is located on the side of the wireless trigger to download firmware updates as is a 3.5mm sync socket to connect non-TTL flashes or to fire cameras via a remote camera cord.
The downloadable GodoxPhoto app is compatible with iPhone or Android smartphones or tablets while operating the triggers via Bluetooth.
The hot shoe Quick Lock ensures that the wireless trigger stays secure on the camera’s hot shoe.



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