RF-DD4 تريقر ر.س130.00
TR-N تريقر ر.س160.00

TR-611C تريقر

متوفر في المخزون



متوفر في المخزون


The TR-611C, and TR-612N both provide 3 flash groups A / B / C. Remote zoom control for speedlites is also available by group.

The hotshoe on top of the units when used as transmitter mounted on the camera provide full TTL pass through for a flash mounted on top.

Radio range is specified as up to an impressive 300 meters.


The TR-611C, and TR-612N transceivers can also act as receiver units.

And these can be used to simply fire other strobes in combination with the Jinbei lights, or even fire and control compatible TTL speedlites.



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